Salt-based silage additive that efficiently conserves your farm-produced roughage. Easy to use; enjoyed by livestock, does not erode or corrode machinery.

NEW FORMULA – A new salt-based silage additive

Safesil Smart is our latest silage additive. Safesil Smart contains preservatives (E211, E281 and E250) that are carefully selected. The result is a modern, salt-based silage additive that protects your farm-produced roughage.

Keeps the silage fresh, cold and nutritious

Safesil Pro is an effective, premixed ensiling additive containing a concentrated mixture of effective preservatives (E211, E202 and E250). The mixture does not erode or corrode, but strongly inhibits the growth of yeast and mould, and reduces spores and butyric acid in the silage.

For the toughest challenges

Safesil Challenge is formulated for severe conditions such as really wet silage, silage with high spore levels and/or soil contamination. Safesil Challenge has extra resistance to undesirable bacteria such as clostridia, spores and enterobacteria.

A biological ensiling additive with double effect

Safesil Bio comprises two parts, a lactic acid-producing bacterium of the Lactobacillus plantarum strain, and a liquid citrate. The bacteria quickly lower the pH value, which reduces losses during the ensiling process. Safesil Bio is a permitted product in organic farming.

Salt as a silage additive

Safesil’s salt-based ensiling additive contains salts from organic acids. They are neither acidic nor corrosive, yet they are still effective against yeast, mould and bacteria.

The salts inhibit bacteria, yeast and mould through two mechanisms; in one, the salt penetrates cells, reducing their internal pH and putting the yeast and mould under stress, while in the other, the salt coats the cell wall, making it unstable and causing it to burst.

Common road salt, cooking salt or sea salt are known to accelerate the formation of rust, but the potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and sodium propionate salts in Safesil have been shown to protect against rust and can be dissolved in water as a rust preventative.


Experts from the DLG (Deutsche LandwirtschaftsGesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) only endorse the quality of products whose efficacy is scientifically measured. Safesil Pro is DLG rated in no fewer than five categories for its proven good ability to ensile easy, average and difficult crops, for demonstrated increased feed storage life and its proven effect on clostridium and spores in the silage.

Better roughage means greater profitability

Silage additives protect the energy and dry matter in the green material and make sure your investment and efforts from sowing to feeding fully benefit your livestock. Adding Safesil Pro to green material makes the ensiling fast and effective, thus reducing energy and dry matter losses. The silage not only remain stable during storage, but also during feedout. Fresh, nourishing feed has a positive impact on livestock health, intake and production.

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Salinity is a Swedish family-owned company that has produced silage additives since the 1950s. We seek to safeguard roughage production with tried-and-tested, effective additives that make a difference for the user, livestock and the environment. Safesil Pro was developed in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and has been tried-and-tested to the limits to make sure we supply great products.